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GLOBRECS | Global Recruitment Solutions provides an outstaffing service which includes personnel records keeping, acconting, payroll, tax payment as well as professional HR and legal support. Thanks to this service, our customers significantly reduce the back-office costs for staff administration, minimize the risks of labor disputes, delegating the legal and tax responsibility to our company, while continuing to lead their teams in the same way as they did before and concetrating on the tasks that generate real income.


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A large database of IT candidates

GLOBRECS | Global Recruitment Solutions has more than 108,000 IT candidates in its database, and it’s growing every day!

it specialization

Our specialty is IT recruitment, but it goes much deeper than just evaluating candidates’ soft and hard skills. We keep ourselves informed of latest trends and recent changes in the main industries, we find and build relationships with the best candidates in their field, and we track their career path. Thus, our consultants can not only assess the skills of candidates of different levels, but also perfectly understand the specifics and differences of work in various industries such as:

  • Software Development
  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • Hotels & Restaurants, Casino & Gambling
  • Warehousing / Logistics
  • Banks / Insurance
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing / Engineering, Heavy / Light industry
  • Pharmaceuticals / Medicine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture / Agrochemicals
  • Construction & Development



Reduce your Time to Fill

Many of our clients have an urgent need for IT candidates, and often it seems they have already seen all the candidates in the labor market while the deadline for their search is just around the corner. This is one of many reasons why our clients come to us. Our recruitment consultants are the best at finding “the right candidates in right time” and thus we save you time and money!
Usually it takes 1-10 days to show our client the first best candidate for a job opening.
You may ask us how we differ from other recruitment companies. The main difference is that we do not let the grass grow under our feet, but actively network and gain useful connections in the business world and among candidates. We directly approach the best candidates on the market, which is the shortest way to find the “right candidate”! Our consultants will contact dozens of candidates in the process of a single search, and will choose the final 5-6 candidates who meet our client’s best expectations. Thus our client will have an opportunity to choose from among the best experts on the job market.


Expertise in assessing candidates’ skills

We are proud of our recruitment consultants, who have IT expertise in assessing candidates’ competencies. This is another reason to turn to us for help. Unfortunately, there are many candidates who look great at interview but do not show real results in the course of work. The higher the role, the higher the price the employer pays for hiring the “wrong candidate”. They say a mistake in recruitment is just low performance or zero results, but this is not always true. The price your business may pay for such a “mistake” can be very, very high, and that is why the recruiting task should be committed to a professional recruitment company like GLOBRECS | Global Recruitment Solutions.



Professionalism, trust and mutual respect!

Any good cooperation starts with a detailed discussion of the client’s specific needs and with the setting of tasks for the recruiting company, as well as a preliminary discussion of terms of cooperation: time to fill, cost of recruiting services, a guarantee-period for replacement of a candidate, etc.

The success of such cooperation directly depends on mutual trust and respect, which, of course, come only with time. But without constant and quick feedback, any such work is unlikely to be effective. It is very important for a recruiting consultant to understand what is the right direction for the search. It is also important to receive detailed feedback from the customer on each submitted candidate, like the reasons for refusing a candidate. Thus recruiting consultants can adjust their search and save time for all the sides involved in the project.

If a client is slow in providing feedback there is a very high probability of losing the right candidate, especially in highly competitive markets or in situations where the labor market is run by the candidate instead of the employer.

Professionalism, trust and mutual respect are the crucial principles on which our work is based!

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