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2021 Ukrainian IT market results

As a result of the global pandemia and such factors as a pent-up demand from 2020 and trillions of newly created dollars in the US economy we see the following changes in the Ukrainian IT market:

  • Two-thirds of all vacant positions are remote now;
  • Salaries increased by 30-40%;
  • Almost half of the software developers and IT engineers changed their jobs in 2021.

How salary expectations of senior software developers changed in 2021 according to the Djinni report:

  • Senior Java Developer:             6500$ (+35.42%);
  • Senior Python Developer:         6000$ (+46.34%);
  • Senior .Net Developer:              6000$ (+33.33%);
  • Senior JavaScript Developer:   5500$ (+37.50%);
  • Senior iOS Developer:               6000$ (+50%);
  • Senior Android Developer:       5500$ (+37.50%);
  • Senior Golang Developer:         6500$ (+30%);
  • Senior Node.js Developer:        6000$ (+30.43%);
  • Senior C++ Developer:              5700$ (+5700$);
  • Senior DevOps Engineer:          6000$ (+30.33%).

Just to compare the salary levels between Ukraine and the United States. According to Indeed.com, a software developer in the United States gets monthly:

  • $7961 with 1-2 years of software development experience;
  • $9105 with 6-9 years of software development experience;
  • $10432 with 6-9 years of software development experience.

The average salary for a software developer is $8,292 per month in the United States and a $4,500 cash bonus per year, updated on January 4, 2022.

Thus, we still see a significant difference between the salaries of software engineers in the United States and in Ukraine. And if you are a business owner or a hiring manager and you are looking for experienced developers at a reasonable price, then you can come to the conclusion that cooperation with Ukrainian software developers will certainly be beneficial to you. This is all the more obvious now when employers widely use the labor of remote contractors.

Cultural similarities, fluency in English, and good soft and hard skills make this choice a reasonable one in 2022!