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How to start cooperation?

Let’s have a meeting!

For the success of all further work, we need to discuss the terms of cooperation, as well as the details of the search, such as: the description of the project or tasks the candidate will work on, all mandatory and “nice-to-have” requirements for a candidate, the company description, its corporate culture, and the working conditions you offer. Please get in touch with us, and our consultants will agree with you the date and time for the meeting!


No advance payment


0 US dollars.

No hidden fees, you pay only for the result! We work on a contingency fee basis.

Reduce costs up to 50%



Lower costs for administrating in-house staff, office supplies and compliance costs!

Only direct search


0 US dollars.

Stop wasting money for expensive ads! The best candidates do not visit job sites. Let us contact them directly!


The cost of recruitment depends on many factors, but one thing remains the same – hiring a consultant is cheaper than doing it yourself! Our consultants will explore your business tasks and needs and offer you the best solution for a reasonable price. You’ll be free to concentrate on your business development and managing your team, while we take care of searching for the best candidates on the market for you!

Save your money on:

  • placing expensive advertisements;
  • paying for access to a variety of costly recruiting sources;
  • bills for numerous phone calls;
  • purchasing an expensive recruitment ATS;
  • hiring a “squad” of in-house recruiters;
  • using a “hit or miss” method for staff recruitment;
  • replacement of candidates who have not passed the trial period;
  • restoration of motivation of your team, after the dismissal of such a candidate;
  • correction of errors and miscalculations made by insufficiently experienced personnel;
  • rehabilitation of the internal and external reputation of the company;
  • time that you can spend on much more important goals, etc.