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Your success is our challenge! 

“GLOBRECS | Global Recruitment Solutions” is pleased to provide its’ clients with a complex of professional HR services. Our experts will help you in the shortest time to recruit the best experts in the market of a country you are interested in. Besides that we provide a number of additional services, such as: training, HR consulting and outstaffing. Read more about it below.

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«GLOBRECS» | Global Recruitment Solutions offers Executive Search and professional recruiting services for variety of industries such as: IT, FMCG, Retail, Banks, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Construction & Development, etc.
Our clients choose us for timely and high quality recruitment!

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(Рус) Консультанты «GLOBRECS» | Global Recruitment Solutions | имеют обширный опыт в корпоративном секторе и в консалтинге. Наши консультанты часто принимают участие в различных HR конференциях в качестве приглашенных экспертов и спикеров,

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«GLOBRECS» | Global Recruitment Solutions provides an outstaffing service which includes personnel records keeping, acconting, payroll, tax payment as well as professional HR and legal support.  

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(Рус) Компания «GLOBRECS» | Global Recruitment Solutions | предоставляет услугу HR консалтинга для наших корпоративных клиентов. Каждая подобная услуга тщательно планируется и выверяется, чтобы идеально подходить под цели бизнеса и индивидуальные потребности нашего клиента.

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Professionalism, mutual trust and respect!

Any good cooperation starts with a detailed discussion of the client’s specific needs, with setting of tasks to a recruiting company as well as a preliminary discussion of terms of cooperation: time to fill, cost of recruiting services, a guarantee-period for replacement of a candidate etc.
The success of such a cooperation directly depends on mutual trust and respect, which, of course, come only with time. Anyway without a constant and quick feedback any such work is unlikely to be effective. It is very important for a recruiting consultant to understand what is the right direction for search. It is also important to receive from a Customer a detailed feedback on each submitted candidate, like the reasons for refusing of a candidate. Thus a recruiting consultant can adjust his search and save time for all the sides invilved in the project.
In case a client is slow in providong a feedback there is a very high probability of losing a right candidate, especially in the highly competitive markets or in situations where the labor market is run by the Candidate instead of the Employer.
Professionalism, trust and mutual respect are the crucial principles on which our work is based!

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