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About us

GLOBRECS | Global Recruitment Solutions is a company with specialization in timely and quality IT recruitment services.

We help our clients across Europe, Asia and North America hire the best software developers, IT experts, and middle and top managers in the IT field. During our search, we focus on those candidates whose skills and education, passion for what they do, and values perfectly match the requirements of our clients.

We are very proud of our team at GLOBRECS | Global Recruitment Solutions! Some of our consultants have 10-15 years of recruitment experience in both the corporate and consulting sectors.

Our clients value us for the cost-effective and timely service we provide. GLOBRECS | Global Recruitment Solutions offers much more than just an IT recruiting service; we provide our clients with data, information, market intelligence for free, we identify the real needs of our clients and help them find the optimal business solutions, making the process of our cooperation simple and convenient. 
We guarantee you will enjoy working with us!