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How does it work?

All CVs that we receive will be processed and saved in our recruiting database. Then a representative of our company will contact you to discuss your interest and details about the project when an appropriate vacancy appear.

Confidentiality is one of the main principles of our work. We guarantee that without your prior consent we will not disclose the name, contact details or any other information about you. Only “GLOBRECS” employees have access to the CVs of the candidates.

In our work we are committed to the principle of objective evaluation of candidates and do not tolerate any discrimination of any kind (on grounds of gender, age, nationality, political, religious beliefs, etc.). The decision to send a candidates for consideration to a customer or not is solely taken on the basis of a candidate’s skills correspondence of the requirements of for the vacant position and only after having consent of the candidates.

In any result our consultants will contact each candidate who takes part in the recruitment process and provide a feedback on the results of the review process.

Please, note that the services of our company are cost free for the candidates!

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